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Dedicated to Safe Hydro-Vac Services in Fort St. John, BC

Any industrial activities, especially those that include heavy equipment, face the potential for risks. We recognize that at Scott Hydro-Vac Ltd., and it’s why we are dedicated to the highest level of safety possible in every project we handle. We aim to offer dependable and safe hydro-vac services in Fort St. John, BC.


We take every precaution to protect our employees, clients, property, the environment, and the public. Our hydro-vac company is committed to preventing the loss of our resources, from our staff members to equipment. We accomplish this goal by strictly adhering to all industry standards and legislative requirements. This focus goes a long way toward mitigating any hazards that may develop and lead to injury or damage.


As hydro-vac experts, we understand that ongoing health and safety in the workplace and job site is a shared focus. Our employees are equally responsible for minimizing accidents at all times. Safe work practices and job procedures are precisely stated in our corporate health and safety manual and strictly followed.


Thanks to training and education, our management tasks comply with company safety standards for planning and the operation and maintenance of equipment and facilities. You can rest assured that when you hire us for your project, we always operate according to safe, established practices.

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